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May 26, 2022
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The most desired FPS game for mobile of this last century, Call of Duty: Mobile, is now available because of Tencent Gaming. The graphics in the game shooting are amazing, and the touchscreen controls are very simple to learn and use. The shooting and movement are superb even on older phones with the ability to access additional weaponry and skills. There’s even a “simple” mode where your weapon will automatically fire when your opponents are in the vicinity. Hit the download button and begin fighting.

Call of Duty fans will appreciate that Activision has purchased the highly rated Modern Warfare and Black Ops maps and is converting the keyboard mouse game to touch-based controls. The game is available online and offers the same gameplay and shooting experience you get from the PC and console versions. There are almost identical modes available like Team Deathmatch, Domination and the Gun Game mode, where you are attempting to become one of the players to eliminate every single person with 20 different weapons.

Call of Duty: Mobile supports two primary modes, further separated into distinct categories. Battle Royale is free for the entire 100-player game, where you are in a team of four players and have to win until the end. The second option is the multiplayer mode. This mode is where you are five players. 5v5 games are quick and last only a few minutes because of points and hard-hitting. New modes are continually added as the latest update for Call of Duty: Mobile is introduced with every new season. Visit the developer’s website for the most up-to-date news and new maps. Check out the GTA vice city Apk game also.

Get new rewards for these Deepwater Battle Passes.

Get ready for the latest premium and free content with the Season 5 Battle Pass. Season 5 Battle Pass features new sea-ready operators, a brand new weapon blueprint for weapons, blueprints for charms, calling cards, Call of Duty Points (CP) and more. Included.

Battle pass-free tires

Bring a trained friend using the brand new K9 Skills of Unit Operator at level 14. Increase your arsenal by Level 21 with the brand-new CR-56 AX weapon that is functional. And many more.

Premium Pass Tiers

Take advantage of the Battle Pass for a chance to access everything available on Deepwater streams. Get the Merrick and Rourke video game Manhunter within Call of Duty: Ghosts along with Otter Backstroke and Rose Prophecy. You can scare your opponents with brand-new blueprints for weapons like BK57 a weapon inspired by Ghosts Counter-Stealth Unit, QXR -Close Catch, DRH’s Rebreather, the AX CR-56 and PP19 Bizon the Devilfish. Devilfish.

New Multiplayer Maps

Sludge Harbor: A battlefield on this medium-sized map consists of shipping crates, narrow streets, and tight-in interiors. This game mode is accessible in 10v10 and 5v5 game modes.

Docks: Take a trip to a shipyard along the River Thames in this harmonious miniatures map, which includes various vertical games. Do you want to engage in a fight outside or sneak in? You’ve been a part of the gunfight.

Aniya Raid Aniya Raid: A bombed out palace is visible over the countryside, with army equipment, housing and. You can fight inside the lavish palace or test your luck in the open areas. In 10v10, a brand modern ground-based missions mode and Attack of the Undead.

The new multiplayer confirmed and grounded missions

Get ready for a frenzied battle in Cranked Verified, a mixture between Cranked and Kill Confirmed. Crank up to boost your combat power, stop the timer from collapsing, and collect the dog tag.

Ground missions dominate the main stage by introducing five-catch points and a 10v10 battle. New and re-energized Season 5 events: Look for confirmed ground and air missions.

New events bring a gung-ho time traveler.

You can speed up your run by using Gung-Ho, a brand new green bonus that lets you fire hips at grenades, throw them and reload your weapon while you run. In Battle Royale, the new Time Traveler class can warp through time and offer greater protection against explosives.

New themed event: Sea of ​​Steel

Battle lines have been drawn, meaning a massive naval fight is short. Select which side you’d like to be on. Ghost, as well as Federation. Kill your foes in a battle to conquer territory. You can earn rewards for accomplishing various daily tasks. The group with the most nodes on the map at the end of the game takes home.

How do I get the download Call of Duty Mobile Apk + OBB

  • Here you can download the most recent Call of Duty Mobile 1.0.24 APK + OBB files in a single package that works on every Android device. You can run and download it on your computer using emulators. We have included two download links to make it easier for you. Then download it, then download the APK file, then install it.
  • Or, you can download Call of Duty Mobile: Season 5 – Deep Water directly from the Google Play Store or install the APK + OBB on your device by following the hyperlink below.
  • Be aware that the game requires extra files for download following installation. Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 in the Deep Water on Play Store. Play Store. Additional downloads will be around 2GB. So, make sure you have enough room for storage.
  • CoD Mobile Season 5: Into Deep Water (Google Play Store)
  • CoD Mobile 1.0.24 APK (Google Drive Link)

How to Install Call of Duty Mobile Season 5

After downloading the files above, you’re now ready to install the files. For installation of COD Mobile Season 5: Tropical Vision by using the APK and OBB files. Follow the steps in the following steps:

  • Choose “Security and Privacy” in the “Settings” menu.
  • Then, choose the “Install apps from unidentified sources” checkbox next.
  • Download the APK file from the Downloads folder on the Android device.
  • After installing the APK file, go to Android > OBB > com.Activision. Call of duty. Shooter.
  • Start playing COD Mobile Season 5 Tropical Vision.

If you experience a “problem processing program” issue during installation, try downloading the files and restarting the process. Be sure to keep your Wi-Fi active, and be sure to check first the Official Google Play Store website before beginning. You’ve successfully installed COD Mobile Season 5 (2022) Tropical Vision APK and OBB files. If you’ve done the steps in this guide, you’ll have successfully installed it. You’ll be able to install COD Mobile Season 5 (2022) Tropical Vision APK, as well as OBB files, will be installed. 


Call of Duty: Mobile APK is an action-based, first-person shooting game designed for mobile devices. The game on mobile has every archetype of multiplayer map and modes, including more than 100 battlefield royale battle arenas. five-vs-five deathmatches, sniper vs sniper battles and more to play at any time, anywhere. There are plenty of options to personalize the game controls and the sound and chats and enjoy high-quality console gaming on your smartphone. Amazing 3D graphics and portable gaming are what every player wants.

Call of Duty mobile app game is free for the very first time. So, dive into the battle map and fight your friends in a group or you can play against strangers from around the world. You can also communicate with them. Compete in Team Deathmatches, Frontline, and Player vs Player modes with custom-designed loadouts. You can personalize your outfits, weapons and equipment and earn and unlock legendary characters to play the game.

Use your most efficient strategy on the battlefield to be the first in the mode of ranking competitively. Or, compete with your friends to take home the top prizes of the clan. This shooting game that lets you battle against millions of adversaries and friends offers complexity and depth in a problematic battle zone. Be a legend in the making and participate in the capture of the flag beat verified and many more thrilling modes.

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What is Call of Duty Mobile Season 5?

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 is the latest season of the popular mobile game. The new season brings tons of new content, including a new multiplayer map, a new weapon and more.

When did Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 release?

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 was released on October 15, 2020.

What are the Apk+Obb files?

The Apk+Obb files are the game files for Call of Duty Mobile Season 5. They can be downloaded from the official Call of Duty website.

How do I get Call of Duty Mobile Season 5?

You can download Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 from the official Call of Duty website.

What’s new in Call of Duty Mobile Season 5?

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 brings tons of new content, including a new multiplayer map, a new weapon and more. Check out the complete list of new features on the Call of Duty website.


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