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Facebook Messenger Apk is a classic multi-feature texting application where you can send photos and videos and make calls which could be video or audio. You can manually add recipients and send them messages. Chat with several friends at once. Different bubbles will display on your phone in a conversation with multiple friends. You can choose one at a given time and transmit a message.

While Messenger can be considered an official application that is part of Facebook and lets you communicate with Facebook friends, it has grown into a fully independent messaging application. If you permit the Messenger application to look through the contacts on your account, it’ll notify your contacts and add them from your phone to the application.

This means you can chat with your Facebook friends and contacts. Furthermore, you can form groups of family or friends where you can talk anytime and anywhere, like WhatsApp. From audio messages to photos and emojis. You can also share documents through chat.

Facebook Messenger Features

the sticker collection that can be used to express your emotions. One interesting aspect of the app is that if you uninstall it, it will store your conversations in its database and allow you to keep them going after you install it again.

Note that the Messenger home screen can display small ads from time to time. Today all messaging apps offer the same functions and features. It just depends on the number of users and the preferences of users on the app they would like to use. It’s not a problem for Facebook as a business, as they control all the most popular social media apps, including WhatsApp or Instagram and many others.

Facebook Messenger Updates

Facebook has maintained its followers engaged and has tagged its apps with up-to-date updates and new functions. The Messenger 2019 Update of the Facebook Messenger 2019 version is a good example of an update available to Facebook Messenger. It includes a variety of bug fixes, along with additional features.

With the new upgrade, Messenger now has a dark mode. All the actions happen within the Messenger app using dark backgrounds. The significant benefit will be less stress on the eyes while using. The rollout of the dark theme is currently promoted on Messenger. However, you can install this Messenger APK to start.

How to Use Facebook Messenger Apk

It doesn’t need a lot of instructions and procedures to start. You don’t need to sign up for and create an account on Facebook to access this app. In essence, it just requires your mobile number. Once you’re set to start setting up the account, you’ll need to enter your mobile phone numbers and also grant access to the contacts.

The process doesn’t take any time. If you have an existing Facebook account, you can begin the process by connecting to your account. Once the procedure is complete, you’re connected to the application and ready to use it. Contacts and messages will be transferred after confirmation.

How to enable the dark mode after the update?

If you like to stay up-to-date with the latest features on Facebook, you may have noticed the new dark mode option that was recently added. Here’s how you can enable it after the update:

  • Open the Facebook Messenger app and tap on the three lines in the top left corner.
  • Scroll down and tap on ‘Settings.’
  • Tap on ‘Theme’ and select ‘Dark.’

That’s it! You should now see a darker interface when using the app.

If you’re not a fan of dark mode or want to change things up, you can always go back into the ‘Settings menu and select a different theme.

What is the Facebook Messenger app?

The Facebook Messenger app is a messaging app developed by Facebook.


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