Free Fire Advance Server Apk

v66.18.0 for Android

Free Fire Advance is an early version of Free Fire that will allow players to experience the most recent games features on the forefront.
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Aug 22. 2022
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v66.18.0 for Android
Android 5.0+

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Free Fire Advance is an early version of Free Fire that will allow players to experience the most recent game features on the forefront. You’ll be able to see all the new skins, weapon options that haven’t been released yet, and all the modifications that will eventually be added to the main version. To enjoy Free Fire Advance, you need to get an activation code first. To get this code, you must visit the Freefire Advance website (accessible through the appropriate link) and sign up with an email. Each of them is unique and individual.

It’s also crucial to note that access to advanced servers is not permitted. Therefore, you won’t be able to access the code for several days. Freefire Advance lets you get the same battle royale experience you’ve expected; however, it comes with a host of new features that are sure to surprise even those with years of experience. However, your progress on the advanced server will not carry over to regular Freefire. Free fire


Free Fire Advance is an early edition of Free Fire that will allow players to experience the latest features in the game before anyone else. You will be able to discover all the latest skins, weapon options that are not yet available, and all the modifications that are coming to the regular version. To prove yourself in Free Fire Advance, you first need an activation code. You must visit the Freefire Advance website (accessible through the appropriate link) and sign up to get the code.

Utilizing an email address that is valid and a the correct phone number. It is essential not to share your activation number with anyone because each is unique and distinctive. Also, it is essential to remember that the privilege is only for access to the advanced server. It is not unlimited , and you could not get the code for several days.

Free Fire Advance lets you experience the same battle royale that you’ve been playing for years, but with a host of brand new features that are certain to be awe-inspiring for even the most experienced players. many years in experience. However, any advancements you make on Advanced Server Advanced Server will not carry onto the regular edition with FreeFire.

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Free Fire Advance Server Rewards

Freefire Garena company launched fire advance server for free game, providing many benefits for players. Players will be given a chance to participate in a royal battle. This is a freefire advance rings grand prize based on their contributions

  • Main Contributor (1 Person): 3000 Diamonds
  • Main Contributor (2 People): 2000 Diamonds
  • Main Contributor (3 People): 1000 Diamonds
  • Free Fire Advance is a lot of playing.

There are benefits. ServerThe game as it is a service launched by FF Garena company to provide an opportunity to all Royle Battle players who are always eager to try new options or have you been playing on YouTube. Because all streamers will want to play first. Get updates for upcoming releases. Below, we will reveal the rewards that are exclusive to FF Advance:

Players can contact players. They can directly reach out to team members of the FF Garena developer teams and write reviews.

Players will be able to learn the latest updates and leaks for it. In the upcoming OB36 updates,

players can submit their complaints about game bugs or technical issues at no cost, and get rewards like gun skins, free diamonds, titles, clothing, etc. Diamonds are free for players to report bugs or errors. Players will also receive free legendary clothing, room and character skins, gun skins, and a host of executive premium rewards at no cost. If a player finds any error during the upcoming OB36 updates, he will be placed in a different team.

Free Fire Advance server APK Download: 

Fire games are free to play using your phone mobile device. Do you want to install an advanced server for this game? When you have advanced server, go to different social networks and type in advanced server download. Many social media websites provide inaccurate information and can confuse. So you can download Free Fire Advanced Server from this site. The process of downloading Advanced Server is straightforward. This means you can download

Advanced server with your mobile phone.

To download Free Fire OB36 APK players should follow the instructions given below.

Start a web browser and visit the official site for Freefire Advanced Server Registration and login using the account that was in use at the time of registration. Once you have logged into your account, you’ll be able to see a “Download APK” button. Click on it.

Once the application is downloaded on the system, now you can turn on “Install from unknown sources” to install Advanced Server successfully.

After installation, you need to enter your FF Advance Server activation code to connect to FF Advance Server.

Players can also get Apk Server through Aptodown. it steps to register and how to download the application. Follow InsideSport. Updates related to the Garena Free Fire software and Garena Free Fire MAX app will be released.


It’s hard not to be tempted by a battle royale game with brand new and exciting features Free Fire Standard Edition won’t always give you a chance to test it out. That’s why you should never log out of the Freefire Advanced Server. A new set of skins, as well as powerful guns, are offered and you can get a variety of gifts.

What is the Free Fire Advance Server Apk?

The Free Fire Advance Server is an exclusive server that gives players early access to upcoming game content. This includes new characters, weapons, and features that are still in development. The server is only available for a limited time, and Garena must invite players to participate. 

When is Free Fire Advance Server Apk available?

The Free Fire Advance Server is available for a limited time before the game’s official release. This allows players to test out new features and changes before they are released to the public.

What is the early access for Free Fire?

Early access is a way for players to get a head start on the game. It allows players to access the game before it is officially released. This gives players a chance to practice and learn the game before everyone else.

What are the benefits of using the Free Fire Advance Server Apk?

There are several benefits to using the Free Fire Advance Server Apk. First, it allows players to test out new features and content before it is released to the public. This can help players get a feel for what is coming and whether or not they want to play the game when the new content is released. Second, it can help players find bugs and glitches before they are released to the public. This can help the developers fix these issues before they cause major problems for players.


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