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Sep 15, 2022
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Stumble Guys apk is a new game for Android that is taking the internet by storm. This game can be described as easy but addictive and has been ranked as one of the tops played games available on platforms.

A multiplayer battle royale game takes the form and mechanics of the game on computers, Fall Guys. You are located right in the middle, as are 31 players. It would help if you overcame numerous obstacles and lures. Be careful to avoid falling blocks and getting struck by the Hammer. Whoever gets through the entire course first wins. There are a variety of maps, along with simple controls, that can keep the gamer’s grip for hours!

One of the things that makes Stumble Guys so addictive is that it is easy to pick up and play. The controls are straightforward, and the gameplay is fast-paced and exciting.

The game Stumble Guys are easy appreciations to its controls, including a virtual joystick that allows you to drive and a jump button. It’s not just that you can utilize this switch to conquer obstructions, but it’ll assist you in moving forward steadily when you press it once more after you’re up in the air.

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The fun of this game does not end with the gameplay, as you’ll also have a range of avatars to choose from. You can open skins using the gold you gain from the games you participate in.

The stunning images of the game lead you right from the start in this video-based game Version of Takeshi’s Castle. Each round consists of three challenges in which only the maximum number of players can be classified. Each round aims to stay clear of obstacles until you cross the goal line.

The challenge isn’t simple. However, it will delight you. You’ll be faced with massive balls of snow, falling platforms moving gates, play balls, etc.

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This game is multiplayer, and you can play it at any time. You can play the game with your friend or any random player worldwide. The game is free. The game has many levels. Each level is filled with various challenges to overcome to progress within the gameplay.


  • Run & Dash & Slide past opponents
  • Stay clear of obstacles that are coming up.
  • Battle Royale real multiplayer
  • Fun and colorful in style
  • Comically Physical
  • A variety of customization options
  • There are tons of funny failures
  • Many levels

How to play?

  • Tap to jump over the obstacles and hurdles.
  • Run over the balls of snow, falling platforms, moving gates, and play balls.
  • Try to avoid running into your opponents on the way.
  • Collect coins and buy upgrades for characters in the game store!
  • Tap on the screen to jump over obstacles, balls, and hurdles.
  • Try to become the champion of the world in this game!

What is Stumble Guys, Apk?

Stumble Guys Apk is a web-based multiplayer game similar to the well-known Game Fall Guys. The game’s objective is to be the last person standing by avoiding obstacles and eliminating other players. 

How do I play Stumble Guys, Apk?

Players can compete against each other in online matches or offline practice mode. In online matches, players are eliminated when they are hit by an obstacle or fall off the map. The last player standing wins the match. 

Can I play with friends?

Yes! Stumble Guys Apk supports online multiplayer for up to 31 players. You can also join private matches with friends using a custom code.

Can I download Stumble Guys on my PC?

Yes there is a way to get Stumble Guys on your PC at no cost. You could also get Stumble Guys’ APK via Uptodown to install using an Android emulator for Windows.


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